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Why Cloud Certifications are Important

Cloud computing technology is evolving very quickly. The depth and extensiveness of product and service offerings across cloud vendors is widespread and continues to grow! In addition, many cloud providers are beginning to offer remarkably similar products, creating more questions and the need for clarification.

If you are a company or vendor offering cloud expertise or doing cloud development, having employees that are “cloud certified” signifies not only a commitment to knowledge excellence, but a deeper understand of cloud offerings as compared to their non-certified peers.

Often, employees whose job responsibilities are cloud related, will become quite knowledgeable on specific aspects of particular cloud services. Some of these job titles may include but are not limited to: Cloud Architect, DevOps Practitioners, Data Engineers, SysAdmins, Network Ops, App Developers and more! They may use it regularly and have adapted the cloud service offering to meet their needs. The training and certification process can help expand their knowledge and improve how they develop using the cloud service.

Within certification training environments, students are introduced to a broader scope of a particular cloud’s offering. Often, they learn that the previous architectural or programmatic method they were employing may not be the most effective way of using specific cloud services.

Certification training teaches employees’ new tactics for working with specific cloud services while making the employee a more valuable asset to the company. It also allows the company to benefit from the knowledge gained that comes with adding certified engineers, developers and architects to their bench of resources.

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If your company or you are looking to get ahead of the competition, ensuring your employees are certified, skilled, and highly-trained is a powerful point of differentiation. Knowledge obtained in different top cloud certification areas is imperative and can make a huge impact for growth. Contact Fast Lane today to learn more about how we can help you get your team and you certified.

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