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Check Point Certified MultiDomain Management Specialist (CCMS-R80)


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Administrators and security managers, who want to set up the check point multi-domain security management and operate, are correct in this course


For a successful course visit should you have previously attended the courses of check point security administration and check point security engineering, or have an equivalent knowledge. Vorau is a CCSE certification ssetzung for the certification exam

Contenido del curso

With multi-domain security management, check point provides a central, multi-tenant management for a variety of firewalls in separate security domains. An example of the usage is a data center that wants to manage different customer networks centrally but yet administratively separate. With check point VSX is a way to virtualization security gateways and the interlinked infrastructure such as switches and routers available. A large number of logically independent firewalls can be operated in parallel on a single platform. This course replaces the two courses of provider-1 and VSX and combines the contents of these courses. Participants learn the key concepts and skills for an effective configuration of the MultiDomain management with check point VSX R77 are necessary. The course will prepare for the exam 156-820.77 to the check point certified managed security expert (CCMSE).

  • Architecture of multi-domain security management with VSX
  • Installation of MDS and smart domain manager (SDM)
  • Converting a security management server to a domain management server
  • Use of advanced migration tools for a rapid migration of existing configurations
  • Best practices for troubleshooting
  • High availability of the MDS
  • Configuration and implementation of a global policy
  • Transition and consolidation a physical Firewall in a virtual environment
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Duración 2 días

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