Cisco Stealthwatch Network (SNO)


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This course is intended for individuals who are new to the Stealthwatch System and face daily challenges related to network health and maintenance


It is strongly recommended to complete the Stealthwatch Foundations training prior to taking this course.

Objetivos del curso

  • Explain what Stealthwatch is and how it works.
  • Use Stealthwatch to proactively monitor your network.
  • Use Stealthwatch to react quickly to common issues facing network operations teams.

Contenido del curso

This course focuses on using Cisco Stealthwatch Enterprise to complete both “proactive” and “reactive” activities required to maintain network health. The course content also includes configuring the Stealthwatch System to monitor your network's health as well as providing helpful workflows that allow you to react quickly to common network operations issues.

This course will help you:

  • Generate reports about network utilization.
  • Determine the cause of network issues


Precios & Delivery methods

Entrenamiento en línea

2 días

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Classroom training

2 días

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  • Cisco Learning Credits: 30


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