Dell VRTX Installation, Configuration, and Management (DVRTXICM)

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Objetivos del curso

After completing this course, students will be able to:  Troubleshoot components installed into new and existing chassis  Configure and verify Virtual Disk (VD) mapping to nodes  Configure High Availability (HA) domains  Configure Virtual Disks (VD) based on appropriate workload and redundancy levels  Troubleshoot HA status of VRTX storage  Troubleshoot Virtual Disk and Virtual Adapter mapping to nodes  Configure IOAs on all platforms  Troubleshoot server connectivity  Verify differences in CMC features and capabilities  Configure chassis using the CMC  Configure PCIe mapping on a VRTX  Configure Chassis Properties Propagation  Install and configure system management tools (OME, DRM, OMPC)  Install and configure SupportAssist  Review health status of managed devices in OpenManage Essentials  Perform discovery of iDRACs and CMCs via WSMAN protocol in OpenManage Essentials  Configure SNMP alerting on Devices Managed by OpenManage Essentials  Configuring OpenManage Alerting

Contenido del curso

The Dell VRTX Installation, Configuration, and Management course is part of the recommended training path leading to the Dell PowerEdge Professional level certification for PowerEdge servers. This course offers a blended learning experience that combines both online and instructor-led training to help successfully deploy VRTX modular servers and will provide best practices for configuring and managing the hardware. Prior to attending this three day training class, you will independently complete an online course to gain an overview of hardware installation and updating firmware. In the instructor-led class, you will get hands-on training installing and configuring VRTX hardware including chassis based storage and networking. In addition, the course includes the use of management tools to support the hardware.

Classroom training
Modality: C

Duración 3 días

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