Implementing Cisco Secure Access Control System Version 5.6 (ACS)

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Network administrators, network operators, and system administrators responsible for securing their networks to assure authorized access only by authenticated users, with accounting of their activities.


CCNA certification or equivalent knowledge

Objetivos del curso

This course teaches you how to provide secure access to your network using the Cisco® Secure Access Control Server (ACS) 5.6, interoperating with security features in Cisco IOS® Software. You will gain a thorough understanding of the operation of the Cisco Secure ACS to control access to network services and devices. Course subjects include the principles of authentication, to restrict user access to networks, services, and devices; authorization, to restrict the functions users can perform on services and devices; and accounting, to track the activities of users. The RADIUS, TACACS+, Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP), and 802.1x protocols are discussed in theory and practice as the basis of network security. Specific methods and configurations are shown that can be used in your production networks to achieve targeted and detailed restrictions. The course includes hands-on labs to provide personal experience in configuring Cisco ACS and Cisco network devices.

Contenido del curso


  • What is RADIUS: TLV, RADIUS packets, differentiation to TACACS+
  • The portfolio: ACS versions, licenses, ACS View


  • Installation steps
  • Overview of the GUI and CLI

Basic configuration

  • Setup of devices, groups and user
  • AAA configuration (Switch, Access Point, ASA)

Authentication and Authorization

  • Behind the scenes: internal Authentication Flow
  • External databases: LDAP, AD, NAC Server
  • Proxy Authentication
  • Identity and Authorization Policies
  • Example: Command Authorization

Operation and Maintenance

  • Software Upgrade
  • Logging, Logging Relay
  • Reports / Reporting / MARS
  • Cluster
  • CLI


  • IP Phones
  • WLAN (AP, Controller)
  • VPN Group / Policy Mapping
  • Downloadable ACLs
  • DOT1X
Classroom training
Modality: C

Duración 3 días

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  • Argentina: US$ 1.800,-
  • Brasil: 3.600,- BRL
  • Chile: US$ 1.800,-
  • Colombia: US$ 1.800,-
  • Costa Rica: US$ 1.800,-
  • México: US$ 1.800,-
  • Perú: US$ 2.595,-
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