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Excel 2016 Datenanalyse Schulung (E16DAS)


Resumen del Curso

This two-day course on Microsoft Excel 2016 gives you a deep insight into the fast and efficient analysis options for your data in Excel. You will be surprised how your previous workflows will be optimized after participating in this training. Excel 2016 offers a variety of highly specialized functions for analyzing large amounts of data both mathematically and through visualization. In addition to these functions that evaluate collected data, you will also learn about forecasting and optimization techniques.

Quién debería asistir

Controller, clerk, sales representative, logistics employee


Good knowledge of Windows and experience with Excel 2016

Contenido del curso

• Evaluate data in pivot tables • Use the recommended pivot tables • Create pivot tables from Excel data • Change the calculation function in the value range • Predefined report layouts and formats • Filter data in the pivot table • Use data cuts • Create pivot tables from external data sources • Consolidate tables into pivot tables • Arrange, add and delete fields • Group data individually • Special display options • The PIVOT DATA ASSIGN function • Display pivot tables graphically - PivotChart • Trend analysis, data tables and target value search • Use of the solver • constraints • Minimum or maximum target value • Solver models • Solver reports • Insert Office Apps (Solver) • Scenario Manager • Primary and secondary axes • error indicators • Draw trend lines • Regression and compensation curves

Classroom training

Duración 2 días


Por el momento no hay fechas programadas para este curso  Solicitud de fecha de entrenamiento