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Excel 2013 Kompakt (E2013K)


Contenido del curso

The training is divided into introduction & progress, each module can of course also be booked individually. Day 1 introduction • The user interface • Workbook management • Table Structure • Working with formulas and functions o First basic functions o Function Wizard o General. Overview • Create diagrams • Formatting cells • Use styles & designs • Filter and sort data Book this module individually 2nd & 3rd day progress • Layout & print area, side view • Additional functions (IF, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, COUNTIF, SUMIF, INDEX, RANK, date functions, text functions ...) • Work with different diagrams • Create graphics • Monitor content • Conditional formatting • Data Validity • Create and edit pivot tables • Create target value searches and analyzes • Combine and consolidate data • Working with the ExcelSolver • The scenario manager • Collaboration - work in a team and with other applications • Best Practices

Classroom training

Duración 3 días


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