Managing Machine Learning projects with Google Cloud (MMLPGC)


Resumen del Curso

Business professionals in non-technical roles have a unique opportunity to lead and influence machine learning projects. In this course, you'll explore machine learning without the technical jargon. You'll learn how to translate business problems into custom machine learning use cases, assess each phase of the project, and translate the requirements to your technical team.

Quién debería asistir

  • Enterprise, corporate, or SMB business professionals in non-technical roles. Roles include but are not limited to: business analysts, IT managers, project managers, and product managers.
  • For senior VPs and above, Data-Driven Transformation with Google Cloud (ILT) is more suitable.


  • No prior technical knowledge is required.
  • Savvy about your own business and objectives.
  • Recommended: Business Transformation with Google Cloud (on-demand).

Objetivos del curso

  • Thoroughly understand how ML can be used to improve business processes and create new value.
  • Explore common machine learning use cases implemented by businesses.
  • Identify the requirements to carry out an ML project, from assessing feasibility, to data preparation, model training, evaluation, and deployment.
  • Define data characteristics and biases that affect the quality of ML models.
  • Recognize key considerations for managing ML projects, including data strategy, governance, and project teams.
  • Pitch a custom ML use case that can meaningfully impact your business.

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2 días

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Entrenamiento en línea Zona Horaria: America/Costa_Rica Inscripción