Professional Cloud Developer (PCD)

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  • Application developers
  • Cloud Application Developers


There are no formal prerequisites; however, it is recommended that participants have achieved the Cloud Technology Associate certification (or its equivalent) from the Cloud Credential Council (and that participants are conversant with Cloud concepts and vocabulary). Participants further benefit from a strong background in application design and development.

Objetivos del curso

At the end of this course, the participant will gain competencies in and be able to:
  • Identify Cloud Architecture Patterns & Development characteristics
  • Distinguish Cloud Security and Compliance Fundamentals
  • Understand Deployment automation and elastic sizing of environments
  • Understand Tenant-Aware Application Development
  • Distinguish Application Architecture Models
  • Understand Cloud service catalogues and application marketplaces
  • Demonstrate the impact of cloud development on testing

Contenido del curso

A thorough understanding of the technology platform and cloud-computing provider is essential for any cloud application developer. However, application developers benefit further from having a thorough understanding, and working-level knowledge, of vendor-neutral application design principles, ensuring that applications provide the most-value throughout the application lifecycle.

The Cloud Developer course is designed for senior application developers who are designing and developing applications for cloud environments. This training is delivered as a 3-day classroom or virtual classroom program. The training covers best practices on application design for cloud environments and supports many Vendor technology solutions, covering Open Source and major Vendor Standards. The principles covered in the course apply to the entire application lifecycle, and are relevant to any technology or platform.

The course material includes various reference materials that help to continue participants’ educational experience when they are back at work after completion of the course. The course prepares candidates for the Professional Cloud Developer Certification (PCD) Exam provided by the Cloud Credential Council. The PCD is endorsed, recognized and/or supported by several key technology vendors and standards bodies. The content for this course, as well as the PCD certification is based on the cloud standards developed by NIST.

About the Certification (PCD)

The Professional Cloud Developer Certification is the most recognized and well-respected Professional Certification provided by the Cloud Credential Council (CCC). Professional Certifications are awarded to candidates who have completed an approved certification-training program. Information on recommended follow-on training courses, including approved technology certification, is available from the Cloud Credential website (

Classroom training

Duración 3 días

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