Taleo (TEE): Advanced Recruiting Configuration (REC-SA201) (D77550)

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Resumen del Curso

This Taleo (TEE): Advanced Recruiting Configuration training teaches you how to configure simple and detailed skills assessments and more. Engage in practical hands-on exercises that apply your knowledge and reinforce learning so you can get the most benefit out of this recruiting solution.

This course is appropriate for Oracle Cloud deployments.

Learn To:

  • Configure the Requisition Wizard used to create new postings.
  • Modify skills administration settings.
  • Configure the advanced search default form.
  • Create and upload PDF merge forms.
  • Create automated tasks.
  • Manage the offer process for your organization.
  • Describe merge candidate functions.
  • Configure matching criteria contexts.
  • Create new offer fields.
  • Verify and modify offer module settings.

Benefits to You

Whether you enroll in Classroom Training or choose to take a Live Virtual Class, you'll interact with expert Oracle University instructors. They'll teach you the ins and outs of Taleo (TEE) Advanced Recruiting Configuration, solidify your learning through participating in hands-on exercises.

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System Administrator



Objetivos del curso

  • Review Offer Settings
  • Create New Automated Task
  • Configure Matching Criteria for Different Contexts
  • Identify Types of Skills Assessments
  • Configure Simple and Detailed Skills Assessments
  • Modify Advanced Search Form
  • Archive Search Results
  • Set User Type Permissions
  • Access Existing Automated Tasks
  • Describe the Merge Process
  • Identify Merge Permissions
  • Create and Upload PDF Form
  • Configure Requisition Wizard
  • Create New Offer Fields

Contenido del curso

  • Requisition Wizard
  • Matching Criteria
  • Skills Administration
  • Advanced Search
  • Automated Tasks
  • Candidate Merge
  • Merge Forms
  • Offer Management
Classroom training
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Duración 1 día

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