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RSA® Archer™ Advanced Administration (ADVAR)

Descripcion de Curso Calendario

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Governance, risk, and/or compliance professionals, business owners, or IT personnel who need to automate and streamline existing processes, integrate the RSA Archer platform with third-party systems, or deliver assessments across the enterprise.


Previous experience creating applications within the RSA Archer product or successful participation in the standard RSA Archer Administration course.

Objetivos del curso

  • Create a custom, multi-stage workflow process that automates a manual process
  • Import existing information from a legacy system into RSA Archer applications and questionnaires
  • Integrate the RSA Archer product with third-party systems and data sources to consolidate enterprise information
  • Design best-practice assessment campaigns to measure compliance across the organization
  • Construct complex search criteria to locate key information and identify data trends
  • Visually showcase compliance with industry regulations through reports and dashboards
  • Alert organization stakeholders through scheduled report distributions
  • Export RSA Archer data into pre-formatted, professional-looking report templates

Contenido del curso

  • Streamlining GRC Processes
  • Integrating External Data
  • Demonstrating Compliance
  • Communicating GRC Data
  • Maintaining the System
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Duración 4 días

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Duración 4 días

Fechas y Registro

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