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IBM Transformation Extender Advanced Overview


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This course is designed to train IBM Transformation Extender solution architect, solution designer, developer and administrator.


Before taking this course, students should have learned the following course:

  • 6J01 - IBM Transformation Extender Overview (6J01G)

It is recommended but not required for students having knowledge of:

  • IBM Sterling B2B Integrator
  • IBM Integration Bus
  • IBM Business Process Manager Advanced

Descripción del Producto

If you are enrolling in a Self Paced Virtual Classroom or Web Based Training course, before you enroll, please review the Self-Paced Virtual Classes and Web-Based Training Classes on our Terms and Conditions page, as well as the system requirements, to ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements for this course.

This 2-hour course provides an overview of IBM Transformation Extender Advanced product.