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Introduction to IBM Cúram Social Program Management 6.0.5: Functional Overview


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This basic self-paced course provides learners with a high-level summary of the IBM Cúram SPM Platform and the Cúram Enterprise Modules.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

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This self-paced course introduces the concept of Social Program Management (SPM), which is the industry segment that IBM Cúram focuses on. IBM Cúram offers products that SPM agencies need to provide government-funded social, health, and other services to citizens. The course provides a high-level summary of the IBM Cúram SPM Platform and the IBM Cúram Enterprise Modules. The course describes the main components of the Cúram SPM Platform. It also describes the respective functions of the Cúram Enterprise Modules. The course explains the SPM Platform and Enterprise Modules by describing their respective functions in the context of the citizen and agency needs that they address.

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