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Performance Analysis Fundamentals on Data ONTAP


Objetivos del curso

  • Define performance-related terms and describe basic methodologies
  • Describe how data flows through the network and protocol layers of Data ONTAP
  • Identify the methods that can be used to monitor and analyze storage system performance
  • Explain how methods and tools can be used to collect performance data
  • Use command output to analyze system performance
  • Use command output to identify performance bottlenecks
  • Perform basic software configuration tasks and explain how to diagnose issues related to Flash Cache, SSD, and Flash Pool operations
  • Implement the features and performance capabilities of the Flash Cache module
  • Locate resources and information that help you maximize system performance

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Descripción del Producto

This course provides you with the knowledge and skills that you need to collect and analyze system performance data from NetApp storage systems that are running Data ONTAP®. You learn how to interpret data and how to identify and implement changes that improve system efficiency. You also learn how to use system commands and features to monitor and enhance storage system performance.

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