Internet of Things Sales Engineer Workshop – Utilities Vertical (IOTSE-UTL)


Quem deve participar

Upon completion of Fast Lane’s Internet of Things Sales Engineer Workshop – Utilities Vertical, participants will have a broad understanding of the relevant use cases that are aligned to Cisco’s IoT Solutions. The course includes deep dive into a business outcomes IoT focused sales model that will articulate and register customers the value proposition of Cisco’s IoT Solutions on delivering the business outcomes for IT/OT Convergence.

Pré- requisitos

  • Participants should have a technical understanding of Cisco Internet of Things Portfolio for Utilities.
  • Complete the Industrial Control Systems Fundamentals for Network Engineers (ICINS) E-Learning.

Objetivos do Curso

  • Review current utility industry insights and existing landscape
  • Understand the Utility Industry’s major business, functional and regulatory requirements
  • Understand the desired Business Outcomes that align to the relevant Cisco IoT Portfolio of solutions
  • Apply the Business Outcomes Sales model in pre-sales engagements with Utility customers
  • Explore Architecture/Service Delivery model to actualize business outcomes for Utility customers
  • Practice customer conversations on designing IoT Solutions for Utility customers
  • Whiteboard a Cisco IoT Utilities Solution
  • Develop traceability requirements for Cisco IoT Solution Designs
  • Build a Proposal using the IoT Sales Model for a utilities customer

Conteúdo do curso

Utilities today are not only focused on just ‘keeping the lights on’—their operating mandate has expanded to broadly encompass the reliable and economical delivery of high quality, sustainable energy while maintaining ongoing augmentation endeavors within four key areas: Energy delivery, customer engagement, asset life-cycle management & optimization. The above vision has resulted in expanding the Smart Grid initiative in Utilities to include the adoption of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) Convergence (IT/OT Convergence), and a need for applicable architectures and solutions.
Fast Lane’s Internet of Things Sales Engineer Workshop – Utilities Vertical is an immersive five-day program for Cisco’s valued partners to gain the ability to articulate and align Cisco’s Internet of Things (IoT) Portfolio of Solutions to relevant use cases that are foundational to the business outcomes pertaining to the IT/OT convergence theme within Utilities. Participants will gain an in-depth overview of the Utilities IT and OT ecosystems, a deep understanding of Cisco’s IoT Portfolio and its relevant use cases, and the ability to align it to a business outcomes-focused IoT sales model.

Classroom training

Duração 5 dias


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