Spring Cloud Services (SCS)


Course Overview

Microservices are becoming a software and organization pattern for delivering business value quickly. Spring Boot and Spring Cloud are a powerful combination for building modern microservices architectures that leverage industry tests technology like distributed configuration, services discovery, and circuit breakers.

This 2-day Spring Cloud Services course provides participants with a background on why Cloud-Native and microservices are important to adding business value quickly. The course leverages Spring Boot and Spring Cloud to solve the challenges associated with running a distributed, microservice-based architecture. Participants will also explore the value that a Platform-as-a-Service, such as Pivotal Cloud Foundry, adds in the microservices-based world.

Quem deve participar

Developers interested in learning how to construct cloud-native applications using the Spring Cloud family of projects

Pré- requisitos

Objetivos do Curso

Upon completion of this course, participants will understand the following:

  • Cloud Native Architecture
  • Organizational changes required to implement a Cloud Native Architecture
  • Distributed configuration using Spring Cloud Config
  • Services Discovery using Spring Cloud Eureka
  • Client Side Load Balancing using Ribbon
  • Circuit Breakers using Spring Cloud Hystrix
  • Using Spring Cloud Services on PCF

Conteúdo do curso

  • Why build Cloud Native apps?
Cloud Native Changes
  • Cultural changes
  • Organization changes
  • Technical changes
Spring Boot and Pivotal Cloud Foundry Primer
  • Building a simple Spring Boot App with Backing Database
  • Deploying to Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  • Cloud Native Design
  • Overview of microservices
Spring Cloud
  • Configuration management with Spring Cloud Config
  • Service discovery with Spring Cloud Netflix Eureka
  • Client side load balancing with Spring Cloud Netflix Ribbon
  • Circuit breakers with Spring Cloud Netflix Hystrix
  • Circuit breaker metric aggregation with spring cloud Netflix turbine

Preços & Delivery methods

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Duração 2 dias

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Classroom training

Duração 2 dias

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