Nagios / Icinga System- und Netzwerkmonitoring Schulung (NAGIOS)



  • Linux knowledge
  • Web server basic knowledge
  • Database (MySQL basic knowledge)
  • Network basic knowledge

Course Content

  • Overview of system monitoring and applications monitoring.
  • What is Nagios and what does Open Source mean? Where do I get my data from?
  • Nagios basic terms (Plugins, Commands, NRPE / NSCA overview.)
  • Possibilities of monitoring (passive / active monitoring)
  • Preparing a operation system (web, mail and database server)
  • Nagios + Nagios Plugins basic installation (Nagios, plugins, web module.)
  • File structures inside of Nagios
  • Explaining devices, authorisations, contacts and services
  • Create basic services and start Nagios
  • Web surface (reporting, service details, hosts.)
  • Monitoring via SNMP
  • Operation system basic monitoring (Windows / Linux)

Preços & Delivery methods

Classroom training

4 dias

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Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.