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Working with WebSphere Commerce Accelerator for IBM WebSphere Commerce V7 FEP 8


Quem deve participar

This intermediate course is designed for system administrators, or site administrators who want to manage online stores, hubs, and catalogs by completing various store operations with the use of the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator of IBM WebSphere Commerce V7 systems.

Pré- requisitos

There are no pre requisites for this course.

Descrição do produto

This 2.5 hour web-based course is designed to introduce system administrators, awareness of the skills and topics that they need to manage online stores, hubs, and catalogs by completing various store operations with the use of the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator. It gives an overview of the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator features that are supported by IBM WebSphere Commerce V7.

The skills that are developed in this course familiarize the student with the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator interfaces, user and password management, store administration, order management, inventory and return administration, and business account management.

The course begins with the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator user interface components such as notebooks, wizards, dialogs, and list, views such as consumer direct view, consumer direct store view, and extended site hub view. It discusses the roles and the menu options that are available from the various WebSphere Commerce Accelerator views. Next, an introduction to user management is covered. Subsequent units cover store creation, and management tasks such as configuring email notification, sending, and broadcast emails to stores. They also give an overview of how to create users, register customers, and manage customer information. Further, order management tasks such as administering order information, blocking and resolving orders are covered. These topics provide an outline of how the inventory and returns can be recorded, adjusted, and managed.

This course provides demonstrations that provide familiarity to WebSphere Commerce Accelerator interface. Scenario-based sample demonstrations are provided to facilitate you to understand how to create and manage customer information, and resolve inventory problems with the use of WebSphere Commerce Accelerator.

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