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IBM Payments for WebSphere Commerce for WebSphere Commerce V7 for Feature Pack 8


Quem deve participar

This course is designed for IBM WebSphere Commerce Administrators to learn Payment subsystem of IBM WebSphere Commerce V7 systems.


Pré- requisitos

Before taking this course, students should:

  • Basic WebSphere Application Server administration
  • Extensible Markup Language (XML)
  • Basic knowledge on Payments

Descrição do produto

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This 1-hour web based course is designed to teach WebSphere Commerce Administrators the Payments subsystem of IBM WebSphere Commerce V7 for Feature Pack 8.

The skills that are developed in this course enable WebSphere Commerce Administrators to learn about the Payment subsystem architecture and processing and help in troubleshooting Payments. The course begins with an overview, architecture, and processing flow. It introduces the students to the Payments subsystem components Payment Rules Engine, Payment Plug-in Controller and Payment Plug-ins. Subsequent units cover how the payment processing works including how to configure payment plug-ins, how to configure custom payment plug-in and how to process pending payments.

There are sample third-party payment integrations that are also provided with business cases in this course that explains how the payment subsystem is used in the real projects. The exercises that are stacked with configurations provide students with examples of how to use the functions and features of Payment subsystem.