Consulting and Professional Services

Mastering the Digital Era

Fast Lane LATAM Consulting and Professional Services is a different type of consulting group. Yes, our subject matter experts understand the solutions and skills required in today’s rapidly changing technology world. However, unlike most organizations, we don’t just give you our research and leave. We take the extra step of empowering your team via coaching and mentoring to actually get the job done.
Our 5-Stage Consulting Framework provides a process that can be engaged at any phase or mapped to your complete project requirements. It is our way to organize our engagement with you to ensure we provide everything you need for a successful project.

Discover our Services for Enabling Digital Business!
Fast Lane is a trusted leader in advanced technology enablement services. We provide a range of services supporting the development of digital strategies and successful business transformation.
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Cyber Security
Strategic Advisory, Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, IT Security Services, Cyber Intelligence Services, Digital Forensics & Incident Response, Risk Management & Compliance

Cloud Computing
Cloud Consulting, Cloud Implementation, Cloud Training & Coaching, Cloud Security Services, Post Implementation Services.

Strategic Advisory, Collaboration Deployment & Adoption

Strategic Advisory, Network Deployment & Adoption, Network Security Services, Wireless Networks, Network Analysis & Troubleshooting, Network Migration

Data Center
Strategic Advisory, Data Center Deployment & Migration, Data Center Security Services

Test Planning and Definition, Test Specification, Test Execution, Test Results and Evaluation

Software Development
Planning to execution – hands on through PDLC, Agile development and Prototyping, Robust, yet flexible – our methodology adapts to your needs and Time to market orientation

Productivity, Optimization and Collaboration

Talent Services
As our original and core competency, we offer a full spectrum of talent services such as recruiting, head hunting, staff augmentation, contract to hire and executive search..

Our Talent Services include:

  • Head Hunting
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Contract to Hire
  • Expert for Hire

Content Development
Uniquely positioned to meet your needs and the needs of your partners, we produce highly individualized training materials that focus on helping your teams achieve their technical and business goals. Utilizing Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and developers who are outstanding in their fields we develop content for some of the best IT vendors in the business as well as for our own unique and diverse portfolio of courses.
Learning Services
Fast Lane helps you create a custom, holistic learning system that uses out-of-class time as well as traditional course programs to ensure that your on-the-job training is maximized and executed to its fullest potential. We leverage our deep expertise in Learning Enablement to exponentially improve the results of your learning investments.
Managed Enablement
Fast Lane helps you accelerate your business by jump starting sales and deployment of complex multi-vendor solutions. Our level of service ranges from a dedicated Expert-for-Hire, helping you support critical parts of your solution design, to a catered Mentored Install, consisting of on-site deployment workshop including knowledge transfer and additional mentoring after completion.

Case Studies
See how customers are succeeding with our consulting and professional services in QA and Mobile!