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Addressing the global talent gap

Embracing digital makes the difference between survival or failure

Spurred by the current crisis nearly all companies globally have finally realized that they cannot survive without becoming at least partially a digital organization. This has triggered an enormous digital transformation movement and as a result the existing talent gap has widened instead of being solved.

On the other hand, a lot of people are losing their jobs or cannot find jobs because business models have changed and/or some economic sectors have been hit harder than others.

We are connecting talents with companies in need of experts

In this situation we at Fast Lane are very proud of our contribution helping the economy and our society to master those challenges. Our special setup as a consulting and education company enables us to guide companies along their digital journey while at the same time provide the required experts to do the work.

Our talent programs offer a unique solution to address the above-mentioned talent gap and because of the increasing demand and the current economic situation we have decided to expand our programs and combine them into the Fast Lane Academy.

Talent programs are not just education programs. Candidates need to apply and need to pass a rigorous selection process making sure that they have the right personality and attitude to complete the program. Furthermore, candidates are matched up front with their future employer. This ensures that an organization's investment yields precisely the certified, highly qualified experts they are seeking. Once admitted, students are mentored throughout the whole program to cater to their individual needs, learning challenges, etc. thus ensuring that they will achieve the desired results and will be able to contribute to the performance of digital transformation projects immediately after completing the program.

Further information for companies

Are you looking for qualified and certified experts for your company? We will select candidates from our talent pool and educate them according to your needs.

Current talent programs
AWS Talent Program
Microsoft Talent Program
Cyber Security Talent Program

Further information for candidates

Do you want to be an active part of the current industrial revolution, means the digital economy? Become a certified professional within a few months.

Full-Service Program

You are selecting candidates from our talent pool who are suitable for your organization.

Once you have selected one or more candidates they will be hired by your organization as trainees and will be enrolled in the selected education program(s). All programs include:

  • Workshops including individual focus areas and individual coaching
  • Comprehensive self-study materials
  • Extended access to our learning systems to perform practical exercises
  • Individual coaching and mentoring during the whole program
  • Ongoing assessment to verify progress
  • Preparation for and acquiring of official certifications
  • Ongoing monitoring and reporting


We have already compiled the most frequently asked questions for you. Please feel free to contact us for further advice.


We have been running talent programs very successfully for many years.