Sending Custom Metrics to Splunk IM (SCMSIM) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1 – Sending Data to Splunk IM

  • Describe the Splunk IM real-time streaming architecture
  • Describe how Splunk IM can monitor environments
  • Describe how to send data from various sources
  • Define the use case for sending in custom metrics

Module 2 – Understanding the Splunk IM Data Model

  • Describe the components of a SignalFx datapoint
  • Describe how metadata is used in Splunk IM
  • Differentiate between dimensions, properties and tags
  • Differentiate between metric types
  • Describe SignalFx events

Module 3 – Sending Custom Metrics into Splunk IM

  • Send custom metrics
  • Send custom events
  • Send in backfill data
  • Send in StatsD metrics

Module 4 – Manage Metadata

  • Use the API to query for metrics, dimensions, properties and tags
  • Define properties, tags on metrics and dimensions
  • Modify properties and tags on metrics and dimensions

Module 5 – Visualize and Alert on Custom Metrics

  • Create charts on custom dashboards in custom dashboard groups
  • Create detectors to monitor issues of interest