Creating Opportunity and Selling MidMarket Cisco Customer Collaboration (SCCX) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline


  • Speaker and Delegate Introductions
  • Agenda
  • What’s in this workshop for me?

Module 1: The Cisco Collaboration Vision

  • Presentation: Market Drivers, Analysis and Commentary
  • Whiteboard: Why are Customers buying CC?
  • Presentation: Cisco’s Strategy and Roadmap
    • The Collaboration Architecture & Solutions
    • The Cisco BE6K
    • Cisco Contact Center Express
  • Whiteboard: How can Cisco address Today’s Markets?
  • Exercise : Each group will now document the market drivers and reason why their customer is looking to implement a contact center solution using our customized sales tool.

Module 2: Creating and Detecting the Opportunity

  • Whiteboard: Who is the perfect prospect for our solution?
  • Presentation: Profiling our Customers
  • Identifying Business Issues and Business Initiatives
  • Researching for Initiatives relevant to CCX
  • Positioning CCX to address Customer’s needs
  • Exercise : Each group will now profile their customer using our pre-defined profiling tool and then document what business initiatives the customer is planning and which Cisco solutions could help address those needs.

Module 3: Customer Engagement

  • Whiteboard: Who do we engage with and who should we engage with?
  • Presentation: Linking Initiatives and Stakeholders
  • Approaching Key Stakeholders
  • How to gain interest
  • Exercise : Each group will now work on their case study to document one key strategic initiative, three key stakeholders and agree three key questions to drive the sale.

Module 4: Building the Business Case

  • Whiteboard: How do we currently build a Value Proposition and what can we do differently?
  • Presentation: CCX Use Cases
  • Linking Cisco Solutions to Business Objectives to Business Outcomes
  • What can we Impact and what is the Outcome?
  • How to Build the ‘Cisco’ Value Proposition
  • Exercise : Each group will now work on their case study to document a series of business impact questions that link our solution to strategic business objectives

Module 5: Setting the Criteria to Win

  • Whiteboard: What is Cisco’s USP versus the competition?
  • Presentation: Selling the Outcome, not the Product
  • What Makes Cisco Solutions Unique?
  • Dealing with Typical Objections
  • Exercise : Each group will now work on their case study to identify a positioning statement on why Cisco CCX is unique and its value to their customer. Each group will also document any possible objections likely to be raised by their customer and how to handle those.

Module 6: Final Presentation of Case Studies