FlexPod Training

The FlexPod Platform

Fast Lane is a leading provider of FlexPod authorised training courses. Our FlexPod centric learning curriculum combines specialist data with accredited instructors; giving you a deeper understanding of how to simplify your data centre and provide a turnkey solution to improve the proficiency of your cloud-based systems.

At Fast Lane, we offer three tailor-made FlexPod training courses to help you gain a deeper understanding of this technologies – no matter what your individual requirements. From implementing and administering the FlexPod Solution, to understanding the concepts, challenges and architecture of a unified data centre – Fast Lane will give you the practical knowledge and expertise needed to become a proficient user.

FlexPod Trainings

  • Cisco UCS which unifies the infrastructure, reducing the number of management points for the network
  • Cisco Nexus switches to provide the power to run the data centre with the required high availability and performance
  • NetApp storage that uses thin provisioning and deduplication technologies to offer storage that can run at 90% efficiency, compared to the usual 10%
  • VMware’s Service and Desktop virtualisation to increase the efficiency of your NetApp storage
  • FlexPod with Microsoft Private Cloud - A collaborative effort between NetApp, Cisco, and Microsoft. FlexPod combines hardware and software to provide a complete, turnkey solution for Hyper-V provisioning
FlexPod Training
FlexPod Pre-Sales Training