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Fast Lane and Nedamco Africa join forces to upskill African youth for a brighter future

New York, April 3, 2023. Today, Torsten Poels, CEO and Chairman of the Board at Fast Lane, and Zweder Wurfbain, co-Founder of Nedamco Africa, announced a strategic partnership to provide valuable industry skills to African youths through the Nedamco Skilling Initiative. The initiative is part of a larger pan-African skilling and job-creation endeavour by Nedamco Africa, aimed at building local capacity and expertise, which is essential for Africa's long-term growth and prosperity.

Fast Lane's partnership with Nedamco Africa represents a significant step towards building local capacity and expertise in Africa. Through the partnership, Fast Lane and Nedamco Africa aim to provide not just technical training but also in-person and online soft skills training in key areas such as employability, communication, and presentation skills. This comprehensive approach ensures that young people not only acquire industry-relevant skills but also develop the necessary people skills to succeed in today's competitive job market.

Fast Lane, in its capacity as a worldwide training and professional services specialist, will collaborate closely with Nedamco Africa to equip young people with the necessary skills to succeed in today's workforce. One of the initiatives of the program is to train individuals on innovative climate technology solutions, such as digital twin technologies, to monitor and manage water resources in Addis Ababa. This underscores the partners' unrelenting dedication to developing local capacity and expertise, empowering Ethiopians to contribute effectively to the country's sustainable growth and development.

The Fast Lane team is delighted to partner with Nedamco Africa on this critical initiative to provide valuable industry skills to youths. We believe that people are at the core of economic growth, and this program will prioritize delivering practical vocational training that fosters the requisite competencies for dynamic economic progress in Ethiopia and the rest of Africa, said Torsten Poels, CEO and Chairman of the Board at Fast Lane.

Fast Lane will work with industry leaders such as Bentley Education to ensure the provision of top-notch training and certifications. Moreover, the program will work closely with Microsoft, AWS, and Google to offer the latest technology and industry content through a combination of edtech and classroom delivery.

The partners are committed to integrating as many demographic groups as feasible into the economy, with an emphasis on creating sustainable job opportunities. This aligns with Fast Lane's mission to empower individuals and organizations worldwide to achieve their potential through professional development and training.

Zweder Wurfbain, co-founder of Nedamco Africa based in Addis Ababa, said, Our goal is to establish local and regional collaborations that ensure job security and support sustainable country ecosystems. By providing young people with the necessary skills to thrive in the modern workplace, we can help create a brighter future for the African continent and reduce the need for migration to other parts of the world.

The Nedamco Ethiopia Skilling Initiative has commenced with three female-only cohorts, including one specifically for mothers, and intends to expand the program to all qualifying learners across Ethiopia. The initial female cohort has already completed certification training in Bentley Digital Twin technology. The program offers in-person and online soft skills training.

The Fast Lane and Nedamco Africa partnership is a clear demonstration of the partners' commitment to building local capacity and expertise, which is crucial for Ethiopia's sustained growth and prosperity. The program is set to create sustainable job opportunities. Fast Lane is proud to be part of this initiative and looks forward to providing top-notch training and certification to Ethiopian youths, said Torsten Poels, CEO and Chairman of the Board at Fast Lane.

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About Nedamco Africa

Nedamco Africa is a leading technology company that is committed to improving Africa's sustainable development through innovative solutions, including climate technology. With a focus on capacity building, job creation, and socio-economic empowerment, Nedamco Africa has established itself as a key player in Africa's development landscape. The company leverages its extensive experience and expertise in various sectors, including energy, water, and transportation, to develop solutions that solve pressing challenges and create new opportunities for the continent's youth. Nedamco Africa's initiatives in climate technology include the development of renewable energy infrastructure, the creation of sustainable jobs in the green economy, and the use of digital twin technologies to monitor and manage water resources. Through its partnerships with leading organizations across the world, Nedamco Africa is working to build a sustainable future for Africa, one that is driven by innovation, technology, and the ingenuity of its people. in areas such as employability, communication, and presentation skills. The curriculum is regularly updated with the latest technologies and solutions to anticipate future global workforce needs, including nascent fields like Azure Space and Microsoft Industry Solutions.