Business Solutions

Training Services
Fast Lane has a long tradition in helping our customers achieve their training and business objectives. Starting with the delivery of thousands of IT, Business and Soft Skills courses delivered in multiple countries and more than a dozen languages, Fast Lane also boasts a strong track record of providing a variety of services related to the transfer of skills and knowledge.

With a collection of hands-on tutorials, e-learning courses will provide you with the flexibility and convenience that you need to advance your career, skills and knowledge.
Whether you are looking for certification preparation or to gain more knowledge on a particular topic, these e-learning courses are perfect for learners who prefer self-study.

Room Rental
This exciting new program prIn our training centres in a central location in México and Perú; We rent equipped, modern and networked training and conference facilities and support in the professional area.

Remote Labs
We offer our customers a unique lab environment for Cisco, NetApp, VMware, IBM, Symantec and other vendors. More than 550 high-end remote labs are available worldwide, 24 hours a day, with dedicated live-support. Up to 4.000 students can work simultaneously on this hardware during training.

VIP Partner Program
This exciting new program provides incentives to our reseller partners and their sales representatives for the internal use of Fast Lane IT training services and the reselling of Fast Lane IT training to their customers.

Training Packages
The Fast Lane Fast Pass helps you manage as best as possible your annual training budget
Fast Pass is perfect for clients who anticipate a need for business, sales or technical training but don't yet. want to commit to specific courses or dates. Our Packages are the industry’s most flexible corporate training solution that allows your team to get maximum results, provides the optimum value and flexibility for businesses of any size.