Successfully Planning and Implementing Enterprise-critical Networks

ConsultingThe quality of the network infrastructure today plays a vital role in an enterprise's business, and networks are becoming an ever more powerful business enabler. We offer consulting services to private and non-private organizations, helping them to select state-of-the-art internetworking solutions and providing support in all development phases. Our consultants are impartial, serving customer's needs irrespective of vendor preferences.

We specialize in designing cost-effective IT solutions as well as implementing concepts.

The results of our consulting efforts are tangible and measurable, helping to secure and enhance our customers' lasting success.

We offer the following consulting services to you:

Strategy Consulting:

Decision support and feasibility analyses
Strategy Consulting

Technology Consulting:

Designing future-focused networks
Technology Consulting

Implementation Consulting:

Support during implementation and integration
Implementation Consulting

Specialized Technology Consulting:

Convergent networks, security solutions, and other technologies
Specialized Skills

Leveraging proven methods and profound experience, we are able to manage our projects with utmost efficiency. Our consultants keep costs, deadlines, and project goals in mind and under control, ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget to your full satisfaction.