IPv6 Fundamentals (IPV6FUN) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Course Introduction
IP History and Overview
  • IP Address Assignment
  • IPv4 History and Status
  • IPv6 History and Status
  • IPv6 Features and Benefits
IPv6 Header and Extension Header Format
  • IPv6 Header Changes
  • IPv6 Extension Headers
IPv6 Address Architecture
  • IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment
  • IPv6 Address Types
  • IPv6 Address Text Representation
  • IPv6 Address Structure
IPv6 Supported Platforms
  • IPv6 on Windows OS
  • IPv6 on MAC OS
  • IPv6 on Linux OS
  • IPv6 on Cisco IOS
  • ICMPv6 Introduction
  • ICMPv6 Message Types
  • ICMPv6 Path MTU Discovery
  • ICMPv6 Multicast Listener Discovery
  • ICMPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol
  • ICMPv6 Recommendations
IPv6 Applications
  • DHCPv6
  • DNS for IPv6
IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol
  • IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Introduction
  • IPv6 Neighbor Discovery (SLAAC)
  • IPv6 Neighbor Discovery (DHCPv6)
IPv6 Migrations Methods
  • Dual Stack
  • Tunneling
  • Translation
  • DNS64/NAT64
IPv6 Transition and Address Design
  • Strategy
  • Address Planning and DHCPv6 Implementation
IPv6 Network Protection
  • RA Guard
  • DHCP Snooping
IPv6 Traffic Filtering
  • ACL Rules
  • ACL Recommendations
IPv6 FHRP Protocols
  • HSRP Optimisation
IPv6 Routing Protocols
  • IPv6 Static/Default Route
  • IPv6 enabled Routing Protocols
  • IPv6 named OSPFv3
  • IPV4/IPv6 Single Area OSPFv3