Incident Handling Bundle (INCIDENT-BUNDLE)


Course Overview

This track is designed to teach you the skills you will need to become a professional Incident Responder in one year!

Cybersecurity Professionals who are interested in pursuing incident handling and response as a career require comprehensive training on Incident Handling and Response (IH&R) concepts as well as real-world scenarios.

To help you master Incident Handling and Response (IH&R) concepts, we have built a track that bundles multiple certification courses to create the most comprehensive Incident Handler & Response program on the market.

This track begins with the Certified Network Defender to get you started with a strong network security foundation. From there, you will take the Ethical Hacker Core Skills where you will learn to examine network traffic at the binary level, master the TCP/IP protocol, as well as essential UNIX and Linux survival skills. Additionally, you will be introduced to vulnerability assessments and hacking methodology.

Once you have a solid foundation, you will be ready to move into the realm of Incident Handling and Incident Response. The Certified SOC Analyst and Certified Threat Intelligence courses will cover end-to-end workflow, procedures, technologies, and processes executed in a SOC as well as the typical Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) use-case development and alert triaging process. A unique addition to EC-Council’s Incident Handling & Response track is the addition of the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) course, which will teach you the threat hunting skills that are so important to the role.

The capstone to this track is Certified Incident Handler which will teach students best practices to detect, validate, contain, and eradicate security incidents.

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