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VOSS Training

The VOSS* training program is designed to enable technical users to increase their knowledge of the VOSS technology, learn new best practices, and improve administration skills.

Each course is designed to give technical users the confidence to use the VOSS technology effectively. The delivery method is a combination of interactive discussion, lab exercises, real-life scenarios, presentations slides, as well as demonstrations of specific functions as applicable. Each course consists of multiple modules. These modules can be tailored to suit specific needs; for example modules can be added or removed, or a particular module can be looked at in greater detail as required.

Our VOSS training provides information about these various options and functions, as well as a lot of best practice recommendations and suggestions, based on our extensive experience of real life deployments.

The courses have these key objectives:

  • Provide you with information which will be useful, and allow you to utilize it for you current deployment

  • Offer business – as well as technical – suggestions and use cases for operational and process considerations, when deploying the system for a customer

  • Present features, functionality and options for configuration which may be beyond the current customer requirements, but which may be needed in future deployments

While the training structure is standard and not specific to any customer, the courses include real life customer examples and use cases. Additionally, as part of the preparation for every course, the trainer will gather information about the specific customer(s) implementation, and will use this knowledge to adapt the examples and discussions in the course

To find out more about our VOSS training courses, including schedule and venue information, contact us here to speak to a member of the Fast Lane team.