Migrating Amazon Redshift Users to BigQuery (MARUBQ) – Outline

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Module 1 - Understanding BigQuery Architecture

  • Quick reminder of Amazon Redshift architecture
  • Overview of BigQuery architecture
  • Separation of compute and storage in BigQuery
  • BigQuery Slots
  • Workload management in BigQuery

Module 2 - Creating Datasets and Tables in BigQuery

  • Resource Hierarchy in Amazon Redshift
  • Resource Hierarchy in BigQuery
  • Creating resources in BigQuery
  • Sharing resources in BigQuery
  • Lab: Provisioning and Managing Resources in BigQuery

Module 3 - Mapping Data Types from Amazon Redshift to BigQuery

  • How data types map from Amazon Redshift to BigQuery
  • Understand data types unique to BigQuery

Module 4 - Schema Mapping and Optimization

  • Schema definitions in BigQuery
  • Partitioning in BigQuery
  • Clustering in BigQuery
  • Lab: Schema Migration to BigQuery

Module 5 - SQL Translation from Amazon Redshift to BigQuery

  • SELECT statements
  • DML statements
  • DDL statements
  • UDFs and Procedures
  • Lab: Writing SQL for BigQuery