Python Curriculum

Your way to modern programming

Entry into Programming with Python
(3 days)
Have you been looking for the right introduction to coding for a long time? This is the right training for you.

Python for Software Developers
(1 day)
You know how to code, but are looking for the right introduction to the fascinating world of Python?

Advanced Python
(3 days)
Become an Associate in Python programming.

Data Analysis with Python
(3 days)
You want to get more out of your data? Python is the right tool for that.

Big Data and Data Science
(Coming soon)
Get into the topics with Python - with or without cloud.

Python Trainings and Certifications (OpenEDG Python Institute)

Entry Level

Associate Level

Professional Level

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Customized and Onsite Python Workshops

We will gladly tailor the Python trainings to your special conditions, objectives and requirements. We will carry out your customized training either in one of our training centers or at your premises.

Simply let us know your requirements via our contact form.