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Seamless access to all your data and processes – anywhere, anytime

Network infrastructures and wireless solutions are the foundation for increasing your employees' productivity, improving collaboration and enhancing communication between employees, partners and customers. Our experts guide you through the design and implementation of high-performance, highly available and secure IT infrastructures and solve your wireless problems.

Featured: Wireless Diagnosis and Troubleshooting

With VestiFi's innovative diagnostic solution, we diagnose the exact causes of your WLAN problems or work out potentials for optimizing your WLAN. We support you with WLAN problems in large-scale projects such as WLAN in soccer stadiums, hospitals, universities or train stations as well as in classic industrial WLAN projects or WLAN optimizations in the SME sector. The VestiFi box can also be used in areas that were previously either impossible or difficult to access, such as extensive outdoor facilities, refrigerated warehouses, mobile production plants or moving machinery. Even in very sensitive areas, such as law firms, research departments or operating theaters, where the presence of external personnel is problematic or even impossible for WLAN diagnostics, deployment scenarios are feasible.

Solve all your WLAN problems with the VestiFi box (PDF download)

Networking, Wireless & Mobility Services at a Glance

Networking Solutions

We advise you throughout the entire lifecycle of your network solutions—from network analysis (assessment), design, project planning and execution to implementation and commissioning or switchover.

Strategic Consulting on Wireless Solutions

When evaluating new wireless and mobility technologies and solutions, we help you make faster and more confident decisions.

Enterprise Mobility

Mobility can increase productivity, but it also poses many challenges in terms of data protection and security. Effective enterprise mobility management organizes workflows and minimizes security risks.

Proof of Concept (PoC) Wireless Labs

Our PoC Lab services enable you to evaluate, test, and validate designs and new technologies in a secure and controlled environment before they go live.

Wireless Planning and Site Surveys

Are you planning to set up a new WLAN system, or would you like to optimize your existing infrastructure? Our wireless experts have extensive practical experience in WLAN radio coverage.

Wireless Troubleshooting & Analysis

Do you have problems with your WLAN system? We find the causes and work out recommendations so that the WLAN system works reliably and efficiently again.

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