Preparing for the Professional Data Engineer Examination (PPDEE) – Outline

Outline detalhado do curso

Module 1
Understanding the Professional Data Engineer Certification
Topics Covered:

  • Position the Professional Data Engineer certification among the offerings
  • Distinguish between Associate and Professional
  • Provide guidance between Professional Data Engineer and Associate Cloud Engineer
  • Describe how the exam is administered and the exam rules
  • Provide general advice about taking the exam

Module 2
Designing Data Processing Systems
Topics Covered:

  • Designing data processing systems
  • Designing flexible data representations
  • Designing data pipelines
  • Designing data processing infrastructure

Module 3
Building and Operationalizing Data Processing Systems
Topics Covered:

  • Building and maintaining data structures and databases
  • Building and maintaining flexible data representations
  • Building and maintaining pipelines
  • Building and maintaining processing infrastructure

Module 4
Analyzing and Modeling (Review and preparation tips)
Topics Covered:

  • Analyze data and enable machine learning
  • Analyzing data
  • Machine learning
  • Machine learning model deployment
  • Model business processes for analysis and optimization
  • Mapping business requirements to data representations
  • Optimizing data representations, data infrastructure performance, and cost

Module 5
Security, Policy, and Reliability
Topics Covered:

  • Design for security and compliance
  • Performing quality control
  • Ensuring reliability
  • Visualize data and advocate policy
  • Assessing, troubleshooting, and improving data representations and data processing infrastructure
  • Recovering data
  • Building (or selecting) data visualization and reporting tools
  • Advocating policies and publishing data and reports
  • Designing secure data infrastructure and processes
  • Designing for legal compliance

Module 6
Resources and Next Steps
Topics Covered:

  • Resources for learning more about designing data processing systems, data structures, and databases
  • Resources for learning more about data analysis, machine learning, business process analysis, and optimization
  • Resources for learning more about data visualization and policy
  • Resources for learning more about reliability design
  • Resources for learning more about business process analysis and optimization
  • Resources for learning more about reliability, policies, security, and compliance

Module 7
Resources and Next Steps

  • Sample exam questions