Win more Collaboration Business through Outcomes based Sales Strategies (BE6KAM) – Outline

Outline detalhado do curso

Session 1 – Introduction:

  • Networking trends such as IOT, vertical trend analysis and how changes in the how we behave, work and communicate affects a mid-market business and opportunity spotting.
  • Trends in Commercial - sales and marketing, business processes, operations, reporting and compliance.
  • Trends in manufacturing – globalisation.
  • Trends in education – technology in the classroom and its impact.
  • Trends in Government.
  • What does this mean for your market – discussion and exercise on how this changes the sales process and a partners approach to sales – keep your eyes on the prize.

Session 2 – BE6k Solution Overview:

  • Top level appreciation of the features and capability of the BE6K solution and some real world use cases.

Session 3 – Selling Cisco BE6K Solution:

  • Successful sales approach, who to talk to and what to say, top level Cisco Messaging.
  • Presenting the Cisco BE6K as a packaged solution. Case Study analysis – selection of cross vertical case studies to forensically analyse what the critical success factors and key metrics which pulled these sales over the line.
  • Exercises – present the delegates with business problems – they will be asked to identify how the Cisco BE6K solution can solve these problems and prove it. What would they do next? Who do they talk to?

Session 4 – Differentiating Cisco from competitors:

  • Cisco deals and promotions, quoting for BE6K, Tools at your disposal, Apps to help you, live demos, overview of where to find help/collateral and key contacts for BE6K solution within Cisco.

Session 5 – Q & A, Wrap and Close.

  • Call to action – what will you do differently now?
  • What are your objectives?