Cisco Mobility Express Self Drive Workshop (CMESDW) – Outline

Outline detalhado do curso

Lesson 1: Introducing Cisco Mobility Express

  • Defining Cisco Mobility Express
  • Positioning Mobility Express
  • Cisco AP supported with Mobility Express
  • Licensing and Mobility Express
  • Scaling Mobility Express

Lesson 2: Setting up the Mobility Express

  • Prerequisites for Setting up Mobility Express
  • Accessing Mobility Express
  • Initial Configuration Wizard for over the air Setup
  • Checking if AP has CAPWAP Lightweight AP or Mobility Express Software
  • Converting from CAPWAP to Mobility Express Software
  • Preparing APs to Join the Master AP
  • Adding an Access Point to the Mobility Express Network

Lesson 3: Understanding the Mobility Express Controller Web Interface

  • Logging into the GUI
  • Cisco Mobility Express Best Practices auto configuration
  • Monitoring the Mobility Express Network
  • Customizing the Network Summary View
  • Viewing and Managing WLAN Users
  • Viewing WLANs
  • Customizing Access Points Table View
  • Viewing Details of Clients
  • Viewing Details of Interferers
  • Customizing the AP Performance View
  • Adding and removing widgets
  • Customizing the Client Performance View
  • Mobile App capabilities

Lesson 4: Specifying Wireless Settings

  • Setting Up WLANs and WLAN Users
  • About WLANs in a Mobility Express Network
  • Managing Associated Access Points
  • Administering Access Points
  • Creating a Customized Login Page for Guest WLAN Users

Lesson 5: Advanced Settings and Operations

  • Specifying an NTP Server to Automatically Set the Date and Time
  • Updating the Cisco Mobility Express Software
  • Guidelines for Preparing a TFTP Server
  • Performing the Software Update
  • Managing SNMP/Sys Log
  • Resetting the Mobility Express Controller
  • Rebooting the Mobility Express Controller
  • Saving Controller Configuration

Lesson 6: Mobility Express Troubleshooting

  • Mobility Express Controller Failover and Master AP Election Process
  • Troubleshooting the Mobility Express using the CLI

Lesson 7: Mobility Express Maintenance

  • Prime Infrastructure
  • ISE
  • CMX
  • Cloud CMX

Lab Exercises:

  • LAB1: AP configuration and setup of the ME controller
  • LAB2: LAG configuration on 1850
  • LAB3: Exploring the ME GUI
  • LAB4: Connecting a CAPWAP AP to ME Controller
  • LAB5: Web Authentication
  • LAB6: ISE 802.1x authentication
  • LAB7: HA Failover
  • LAB8: Prime Administration
  • LAB9: Mobile AP