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Frequently Asked

Do certifications need to be completed in order (Fundamentals > Expert?)

No. You do not need to complete your certifications in any kind of order.

For example, you do not need to have the Fortinet Certified Fundamentals (FCF) certification prior to achieving the Fortinet Certified Associate (FCA) certification.

If you feel confident in your knowledge, you can attempt any certification.

For more information, see the certification page.

For NSE Certification levels that require completing multiple exams, what is the timeframe required to complete all the exams?

The following certifications require passing two (2) proctored exams:

  • The three Fortinet Certified Professional (FCP) certifications (Network Security, Public Cloud, and Security Operations)
  • The Fortinet Certified Solution Specialist (FCSS) in Network Security
  • The Fortinet Certified Expert (FCX)

For these certifications, you must pass the second exam within two (2) years from the date that you passed the first exam.

The following certification requires completing two (2) courses:

  • Fortinet Certified Fundamentals (FCF)

For this certification, you must complete the second course within two (2) years from the date that you completed the first course.

Do any of my past exams count toward the new certifications?

Depending on the exam and exam completion date, some exams taken before October 1, 2023 will count toward achieving the new certifications.

View the individual certification for additional information.

What will happen with my existing certifications on October 1, 2023?

Fortinet will continue awarding NSE 1 to 8 certifications until October 1, 2023. After this date, Fortinet will honor all NSE 1 to 8 certifications until their expiration date.

You will not be able to recertify NSE 1 to 8 certifications after October 1, 2023.

Where can I find my Fortinet NSE badge(s)?

All your awarded Fortinet NSE badge(s) are listed on your Achievements page of the Fortinet Training Institute site.

Why do some certifications have core classes and elective classes?

With the new model, some certifications require specific exams to be passed, as well as a selection of elective courses.

Not all courses under elective courses must be taken to achieve the certification – often you must take x elective exams to fulfill requirements.

Not all certifications will have both core and elective classes.

For additional information on specific certification requirements, please visit our Certification page.