IoT Test Drive Program

IoT unlocks power and potential in your customer’s world by connecting, analyzing and taking action on things and devices that were previously managed by slower, less “smart”, manual processes. IoT is the place where worlds collide and new possibilities are created, but this capability also means that there are new risks, new human concerns and organizational disruption that needs to be addressed. As a result, IoT “buying cycles” can be complicated and long unless concerns can be addressed across multiple IT, OT and Line of Business stakeholders.

Fast Lane’s Managed Enablement™ methodology maps activities across the IoT Sales Lifecycle that drive awareness and help accelerated adoption of IoT. Fast Lane’s IoT Test Drive program is an essential component of our sales acceleration services, allowing vendors, resellers and system integrators to demonstrate the value proposition and ROI of IoT solutions within their key customer accounts. A Test Drive (or proof of concept event) provides technical decision makers with a deep-dive learning experience that focuses on a specific IoT solution addressing a particular vertical use case. After attending a Test Drive, customers will have an appreciation of the operational and business value that can be achieved by implementing a specific set of solutions.