Check Point Advanced IPS (CPIPS)


Quem deve participar

Firewall, network and system administrators who install checkpoint, manage and review learn in this seminar and learn how check point IPS

Pré- requisitos

General knowledge of TCP/IP, very good knowledge of the Windows operating system or Linux as well as very good networking skills. At least six months experience working in a check point security gateway environment. Basic knowledge in dealing with VMware workstation.

Objetivos do Curso

During this 2-day authorized check point training, you will learn the skills to configure the IPS software blade and to manage.

You are creating a client profile, modify and monitor. Also monitor attacks, viewing statistics, customize the security configuration to meet your needs and learn basic techniques of Troubleshootings.

Conteúdo do curso

IPS architecture

  • Performance - accelerated integrated IPS
  • Secure - multi-threat detection engine
  • Context management infrastructure
  • Compound signature identification

IPS management

  • Configure the IPS blade
  • Test IPS functionality

IPS monitoring

  • SmartView Tracker
  • Packet capture
  • IPS event analysis

IPS tuning

  • Configure protection engine settings
  • Identify top events and protections
  • Modify protections to defend against common attacks
  • Debug the logging mechanism

IPS debugging

  • Use debug to gather IPS statistics
  • Use tcpdump to identify the source of to attack
  • Modify protections to prevent attack source
  • View security gateway messages

Preços & Delivery methods

Treinamento online

2 dias

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Classroom training

2 dias

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