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Host to Storage SAN Implementation (MR-1CP-NSH2SIC)


Quem deve participar

This course is intended for anyone who presently plans to configure or manage EMC Storage Arrays with Open system hosts through a SAN.

Pré- requisitos

To understand the content and successfully complete this course, a student must have a suitable knowledgebase/skill set. The student must have an understanding of:

  • Basic Linux, ESXi and Windows administration skills on LVM implementations, software and driver installation.
  • Familiarity with B-Series and MDS-Series switches and management tools
  • EMC storage array administration through Solutions Enabler and Unisphere Manager
  • Familiarity with Multipathing software and concepts

Objetivos do Curso

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Qualify and prepare a SAN for implementation
  • List the steps to install and configure a Fibre Channel and iSCSI SAN
  • Connect and configure a host to a storage array
  • Configure a SAN switch and perform basic operations
  • Configure a storage array and perform basic array operations
  • Perform host configuration for drivers, multipathing, and volume and file system management
  • Complete and deliver the required implementation documentation
  • Perform basic maintenance and troubleshooting tasks

Conteúdo do curso

This course is intended for individuals who will perform SAN implementation activities including switch, host, and storage considerations. Linux, ESXi and Windows hosts are configured to use storage through a SAN. SAN switches are administered through their GUI management tools to enable communication between the hosts and storage. EMC VNX and VMAX storage arrays are administered through Solutions Enabler, Unisphere for VMAX and Unisphere Manager to meet the host's needs. PowerPath is installed and configured in all the hosts for Multipathing capabilities.

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Duração 5 dias

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Duração 5 dias

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  • Solicitar orçamento
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