Self Drive Connected Mobile Experience (CMXSE)


Course Overview

The Self Drive Connected Mobile Experience course will prepare professionals to design a CMX Solution. It will use the Cisco Unified Access Infrastructure to configure, administer, manage, and optimize utilization of mobile content while gaining meaningful analytics.

This course is running on software versions:

Prime 3.1
CMX 10.2.2.-340

Who should attend

The primary audiences for the course are Network Planners, Network Managers, Network Consulting Engineers, Network Administrators, Technical Support Engineers, Channel Partners, Field Engineers, and System Engineers.


  • Knowledge or familiarity with WiFi deployments and concepts

Course Content

  • What is CMX- Capabilities
  • Positioning of CMX
  • Infrastructure Requirements
  • Architecture options for local services
  • Software requirements
  • Licenses
  • Location concepts
  • Factors Affecting Location
  • Client Proximity
  • FastLocate
  • Hyperlocate
  • BLE
  • Site Survey: Best Practices
    • Survey
    • AP Placement
    • Location Aware Access Points
    • AP Positioning on PO
    • Impact on wired LAN
  • Client Behaviour
  • Configuration of WLC/Prime/CMX
  • Dimension Calculator
  • CMX Analysis Process
    • Config CMX Gui
    • Zone Analyses
    • Presence
    • Social
    • Reports
    • Visitor connect
    • Facebook Wi-Fi
  • Meraki and CMX
  • ECO
  • Roadmap


  • Lab 1: Perform the Initial Controller Configuration using the CLI
  • Lab 2: Verifying AP Connectivity
  • Lab 3: CleanAir Configuration
  • Lab 4: Prime Infrastructure Setup for CMX
  • Lab 5: Setting up CMX Location
  • Lab 6: Using Cisco CMX Analytics
  • Lab 7 : Setting up a Vertical
  • Lab 8: Implementing Cisco CMX Visitor Connect
  • Lab 9: Implementing Cisco CMX Facebook Connect
  • Lab10 Implementing Cisco CMX Presence
  • Lab 11: Implementing Cisco CMX Visitor Connect with Opt Out

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