C# for Beginners (MSDEV01)


Course Overview

This training offers you the optimal introduction to programming with Microsoft technologies. Using the programming language C#, we will work step by step on the basics that you need to gain a foothold in the world of software development.

Quem deve participar

Aimed at aspiring programmers without programming knowledge who want to learn the basics of programming.

Pré- requisitos

Solid experience with the Windows ecosystem and interest in the subject matter

Objetivos do Curso

  • You understand how a program works
  • You have a solid foundation in programming, regardless of the programming language you will use later.
  • You know the basic elements of C#

Conteúdo do curso

In the initial lessons you will gain an overview of the basic elements of computer programs. You will learn in a practical way using many examples and exercises. In the course, C# is used as a working tool. The training is a solid foundation for various other programming courses.

  • Basic terms
  • Object-oriented programming (approach)
  • console application
  • Logic and Algorithms
  • Core language elements
  • Data structures

Preços & Delivery methods

Treinamento online

4 dias

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Classroom training

4 dias

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Instructor-led Online Training:   Este é um curso Instructor-Led Online
This is a FLEX course, which is delivered both virtually and in the classroom.

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