Hybrid Programs

Scalable education for software and services

A holistic approach to learning

Businesses always have to adapt, and in the digital age, that adaptation has to be faster than ever before. To take advantage, a business has to be agile, which is where learning is vital. This new world has brought about change in learning styles that have led to organisational challenges.

To facilitate this adaptation, Fast Lane has developed a proven hybrid learning programs practice, offering versatile and dynamic solutions to support digital transformation at every size of organisation.

Today's Challenges

Job-roles, Multivendor, Technology Stacks

Accelerated time to market

Being truly global in outlook

Tech Intensity
The need to develop deep skills at scale

Hybrid Program Benefits

Programs tailored to your needs

Cloud-based and global

Online-first saves time on money and travel


Multi-modality learning

Learners can progress at their own pace and have access to a range of remote activities including a virtual lab, dedicated remote support from qualified experts as well as more traditional physical workshops.

Outcome orientated

We begin with a comprehensive assessment of your learning needs. Based on your goals, we design the most efficient and scalable solution that spans across a wide variety of assets and modalities.

Platform-centric learning journey

Our learning portal is the central piece of engagement that supports a variety of elements and activities. It serves as the go-to hub for every individual engaging on the platform.

Data Driven

As the program progresses, we capture data about everything: acheivements, places to improve and points of interest. In regular feedback sessions, we engage with the learner to help advance their skills as they learn.

Customer Success Management

You are never alone on your learning journey. Our experienced Customer Success Managers are available throughout the whole lifecycle, from beginning to end. Regular, analytics-driven iterations and program adaptions are on offer to increase learning effectivity and maximize overall success.

Branded Portals

Branded Portals

Learning Options

Studies have shown that, when learning is totally self-driven and self-paced, the success rate is low. Success rates improve when a learner has the opportunity to interface, in real-time, with peers or an expert. Fast Lane’s interactive, hybrid, cloud-based education subscriptions combine various individual and collaborative learning options.

Learners progress at their own pace and can access a variety of remote activities including a virtual lab and dedicated support from qualified experts. If you have a team and wish to accelerate the adoption of new technologies, our hybrid services can be adapted to meet your specific business goals.

Custom Learning Portal


(Virtual) Classroom

Learning Labs


Exam Prep

Practice Tests

Exam Vouchers



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