AWS Classroom Training with AWS Jam

Gamified learning to build your practical understanding of AWS services and best practices

Add an additional day of team-based experiential learning to your classroom training with AWS Jam! We now offer our most popular AWS trainings with AWS Jam:

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What does an AWS Jam offer you?

AWS Jam is an effective way for developers, architects, and DevOps engineers to learn by doing. Challenges can be selected by difficulty level and clues are available to help navigate the challenges if needed. Authorized AWS Instructors act as facilitators and help connect the challenges to the course materials, but participants must solve the problems on their own.

AWS Jam is a scenario-based, team-centered event where participants gain practical experience with a wide range of AWS services. AWS Jam scenarios relate to use cases, domains, and services covered in the classroom training course.

The event is gamified with teams competing against each other by scoring points for completing specific challenges. Challenges have varying degrees of difficulty and are therefore worth differing amounts of points. A live leaderboard provides updates on scores and progress throughout the event. Clues and guidance can be provided to help teams move through challenges, but cost points.

Learning by Doing
  • Hands-on format, putting learners in the driver’s seat to make decisions and solve problems in an active AWS Cloud environment
  • Master challenges based on real-world scenarios
  • Develop your team’s skillsets to accelerate cloud adoption
  • Facilitated by an expert AWS instructor who can answer questions and give real time feedback
  • Validation and review of learning through appropriate reports
  • Reinforce your team’s learning immediately following AWS training

Play in gamified team scenarios

Your team will engage in gamified challenges across AWS use-cases and operational tasks with live scoring, in-scenario clues, scenario levels, and team collaboration to achieve the correct solution.

Learn and enhance your AWS skills

Your team will learn best practices from AWS experts, gain real-life experience, and solve scenarios designed to teach them AWS skills through self-paced discovery, learning, and hands-on building.

Validate and track your progress

Track your team’s AWS skills through real-time leaderboards and additional metrics such as time spent, hints needed, and an automated evaluation of the approach used in your solution, based on established best practices.