As the only Global Premium Training Provider and exclusive content provider for Gigamon, Fast Lane is able to offer you security training on Gigamon’s products that provide active visibility into physical and virtual network traffic leading to improved security and optimized performance.

Our education offerings enable clients to enhance their Security and Network Optimization expertise while simplifying their security architecture and operations. By offering courses specific to various roles, tasks and business outcomes, Fast Lane enables global scaling of knowledge on developing solutions quickly, effectively and securely.

Gigamon Training

Students are encouraged to take the above courses in the same week. For example, attending GVFOC and GVFAI back-to-back is achieved by registering for the Gigamon® Visibility Fabric™ Overview and Advanced Implementation Bundle (GVFAIBDL) bundle course at a 15% cost savings

Education Services

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Gigamon Ecosystem Partners

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VMWare reseller

Fast Lane’s Managed Enablement™ services assist vendors and system integrators in bringing Security and Network Optimization solutions to market, providing a jump start to sales and deployment. These services are augmented by a powerful enablement framework, driving rapid Professional Services practice development for Gigamon’s partners.

Jump start sales and deployment.

Fast Lane is a leader in sales enablement and business relevancy services across all IT architectures. Our Managed Enablement™ services accelerate business outcomes by helping vendors and system integrators bring complex solutions to market, jump starting sales and deployment. These services are augmented by a powerful enablement framework, helping vendors and system integrators to build a practice around these solutions.

Managed Enablement™ services are performed on behalf of our customers (vendors, system integrators, etc.) for as long as needed. In addition to formal training, our customer’s sales and technical staff are educated by shadowing our experts according to the principle “give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish and feed him for a lifetime”. In contrast to the classical approach of formal training, mentored services help our customers close business while ramping up their skills.

Expert 4 Hire

Expert 4 Hire (E4H) services are flexible and customizable to suit your needs. E4H comes in half-day and full day increments depending on your specific needs. For more information, go to either our full day E4H offer or our half-day offer.


Awareness and Customer Qualification services like Webinars, Roadshows, Hackathons and more.

Demand Generation

Demand Generation services like Test Drives or Customer Engagement Workshops.

Staff Augmentation

In times when your Professional Services staff is stretched thin, we can help you bridge the gap with our multi-tiered expertise

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