appliedAI Training

The appliedAI initiative works collaboratively in open exchange on the latest AI methods and business models for scalable and value-creating use of AI.

As an appliedAI partner, our appliedAI trainings focus on the comprehensible transfer of cutting-edge AI knowledge of the highest quality.

appliedAI Training Programs

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appliedAI Trainings and Workshops in the Virtual Classroom

Continuous training of employees is a central element to ensure the long-term competitiveness of your company with the help of Artificial Intelligence. We regularly offer one-day and half-day workshops on various AI topics online in the virtual classroom.

Customized for your business: AI Learner Journey

Our AI Learner Journey is a hands-on, holistic program for imparting business-relevant AI knowledge with high value for your company. The training program is aimed at employees from different departments and combines many aspects of artificial intelligence – from AI technology to AI project management.

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