With a Google Cloud Certification, you can demonstrate that you have the theoretical and practical knowledge required to design, develop, and manage application infrastructures and data solutions on the Google Cloud Platform.

Our instructors will provide you with the best possible preparation to help you pass your certification exam, thanks to Google's recommended learning paths.

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Certifications Overview

By passing a certification exam, you will receive recognition for your skills in the design, development, management, and administration of application infrastructure and Google Cloud solutions.


No experience with Google Cloud required.

Cloud Digital Leader

!Cloud Digital Leader


One year experience troubleshooting and implementing Google Cloud solutions.


Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer


Three years of extensive experience developing, managing and troubleshooting Google Cloud solutions.

Cloud Architect

Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Data Engineer

Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer

Cloud Developer

Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Developer

Cloud Network Engineer

Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Network Engineer

Cloud Security Engineer

Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Security Engineer

Cloud DevOps Engineer

!Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer

!Google Cloud Certified Professional Machine Learning Engineer

Cloud Database Engineer

!Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Database Engineer

How does the Google Cloud Certification Path work?

The available certifications are split into two certification levels: Associate and Professional.

Associate Level

The Associate level certification is a role-based certification and focuses on the core technologies of Google Cloud Platform.

This certification is a good starting point for those who are new to the cloud or just getting started with Google Cloud Platform. It provides a foundation for developing their skills and allows them to move on to the more advanced Professional Level certifications.

Professional Level

Professional level certifications are based on job role and are the top of the Google Cloud certification program.

These certifications require advanced design and implementation skills gained through years of experience, and it is recommended to have at least three years of experience using and managing Google Cloud solutions to gain access to these certifications.