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The majority of organizations today are experiencing the demands that come with rapid technology shifts causing IT departments of all sizes to embrace these new changes, especially in the realm of cloud. Cisco has introduced the new CCNA and CCNP Cloud certifications and Fast Lane has the training to help you gain your new certification.

Whether you are beginning a career in Cloud or making a transition from a data center or networking role, the new CCNA and CCNP Cloud certifications will assist you with that transition. The new Cloud certification program will enable you to build both private and hybrid cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service. IT departments will be able to enable and control enterprise-wide cloud deployments in a reliable, consolidated manner. Fast Lane offers Cisco authorized training to prepare you to successfully obtain your CCNA and CCNP certifications.

!CCNA Cloud

The CCNA Cloud certification is ideal for Cloud Engineers, Cloud Administrators and Network Engineers. The certification provides you with the knowledge needed to develop, advance and validate your cloud skill set. You will gain the ability to perform entry-level provisioning and support of Cisco cloud solutions. View the available Fast Lane training courses below that are recommended to gain your Cisco CCNA Cloud certification.

Required Exams Recommended Training

210-451 CLDFND


210-455 CLDADM


!CCNP Cloud

The CCNP Cloud certification is ideal for Cloud Engineers, Cloud Administrators, Cloud Designers and Cloud Architects working in Data Centers. It is a lab-based certification program and will provide you with the skills needed to work with private, public and hybrid cloud models and leverage Intercloud solutions. After taking the recommended training courses from Fast Lane, you will be able to leverage the knowledge and skills necessary to design, provision, automate and manage Cloud and Infrastructure-as-a-Service deployments.

Required Exams Recommended Training

300-504 CLDINF


300-505 CLDDES


300-506 CLDAUT


300-507 CLDACI


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