Gigamon Certified Professional (GCP)

The security posture adopted by today’s enterprises must fundamentally change. It is no longer a question of if your organization will be breached but when it will be breached. The Gigamon Certified Professional (GCP) certification program has been designed to validate a participant’s knowledge regarding the use of Gigamon products to help secure enterprise networks.

As a GCP you will be able to implement Gigamon products such as the GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform using best practices to help improve enterprises’ security posture against today’s ever-changing cyber threats.

To receive GCP status, candidates must pass the GCP certification test. Candidates first must have extensive experience as a network security expert, and specialized knowledge relating specifically to Gigamon product implementation. This specialized Gigamon product knowledge may be gained by taking the Gigamon Certified Professional Bootcamp (GCPB), which is offered for a fee via the Gigamon Premium Training Partner (PTP) network.


This program will appeal to:

  • All end users of Gigamon products
  • Security operations professionals and architects
  • Network operations professionals and architects
  • Professional service and system integrations specialists
  • Network and security administrators and architects

Exams and recommended training

Preparing for the Test

We recommend taking the Gigamon Certificated Professional Boot Camp prior to taking the GCP certification test. The boot camp includes five days of training with hands-on labs, in-person or remote classes, and an option to take the GCP certification test (sold separately) at the end of day five.

Upon Successful Completion of the Certification Test

Successfully completing and maintaining the GCP certification validates that you have significant knowledge in the implementation and configuration of Gigamon products that help provide pervasive network visibility into on-premise, virtual and cloud environments.


Term of Certification

The GCP certification will be valid for a period of two years, after which it will expire unless it is successfully revalidated. At the end of the two-year term, you can revalidate your certification by passing a refreshed test, which will focus on changes in the disciplines of security, networking and cloud, as well as on Gigamon products and capabilities.

Oferta Especial

Value of this certification

  • Enable faster and more effective use of a Gigamon next generation packet broker
  • Reduced time to adoption for security and monitoring solutions across an organization
  • Reduced time-to-resolution for security and monitoring problems
  • Increased confidence for critical security infrastructure management