Fast Lane's Professional Services

Fast Lane Professional Consulting Services

Fast Lane Consulting Services is a different type of consulting group. Yes, our subject matter experts understand the solutions and skills required in today’s rapidly changing technology world. However, unlike most organizations, we don’t just give you our research and leave. We take the extra step of empowering your team via coaching and mentoring to actually get the job done.

Custom Solutions

Fast Lane Expert for Hire

Our Expert for Hire services are flexible and customizable to suit your business needs and to advance your human capital. We provide resources to deliver a variety of services for your company, including coaching and mentoring. Furthermore, engagements can also incorporate effective and widely adopted deliverables such as network audits, best practice guides and architecture design white boarding.

Content Developmnent

Uniquely positioned to meet your needs and the needs of your partners, we produce highly individualized training materials that focus on helping your teams achieve their technical and business goals. Utilizing Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and developers who are outstanding in their fields we develop content for some of the best IT vendors in the business as well as for our own unique and diverse portfolio of courses.

Fast Lane's Services include:

  • Pre- and Post-course assessments to evaluate learners knowledge and skills
  • Instructor materials and student guides
  • Remote labs, lab setup guides and exercise guides for use in the classroom and beyond
  • E-learning content for self-paced training
  • Topics as diverse as routing & switching, wireless, optical, network security, virtualization, storage, and multi-vendor cloud solutions
Learning as a Service (LaaS)

Learning as a Service (LaaS)

Want to accelerate the adoption of new technologies like Azure, Cisco Software-Defined Access (SDA) or Office 365? Fast Lane’s LaaS service can be implemented and adapted to meet your specific business goals. A blend of custom service offerings can be tailored for you.


  • Managed Training Services
  • Learning Platform
  • Skills Assessment & Development
  • Curriculum Services

Fast Lane Managed Enablement

Fast Lane helps you accelerate your business by jump starting sales and deployment of complex multi-vendor solutions. Our level of service ranges from a dedicated Expert-for-Hire, helping you support critical parts of your solution design, to a catered Mentored Install, consisting of on-site deployment workshop including knowledge transfer and additional mentoring after completion.

Mentored Installed

Fast Lane is pleased to propose a Mentored Install of Cisco® Software-Defined Access (SD-Access), the nextgeneration architecture for the enterprise network. Aligned with the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA™), also offered by Fast Lane, SD-Access uses a centralized controller to provide a management framework.

This framework will simplify the provisioning of your network, administer group-based policy for users and provide telemetry to help identify problems and provide corrective actions. The proposed Cisco SD-Access provides a cohesive, end-to-end security architecture that addresses the unique needs of the customer while conforming to the latest industry trends. This solution’s automation and simplicity will allow IT professionals more time to innovate,while also helping them initiate network changes more rapidly and efficiently. Scalable virtualization capabilities in the infrastructure help create hierarchical micro/macro segmentation policies that are enforced with the fabric infrastructure for secure segmentation. Thanks to its long-term cost reduction, centralized management, ondemand provisioning, and network flexibility, the proposed Cisco SD-Access provides operational and strategic advantages over traditional enterprise networks.

The proposed solution transforms the network from a vendor proprietary system to an open and programmable infrastructure. Rather than dealing with disparate networks and setting up multiple VLANs, it automates many processes and supports virtualization. With the proposed Cisco SD-Access you can simplify your enterprise campus, WAN, and branch environments, increase network security and scale network resources with your application and data needs.

There are multiple types of engagements available ranging from Isolated Mentored Install Deployments with various onsite days to Production Network Integration Deployments.

Engagements begin with our one-day offering and can extend longer depending on the services required. Each engagement will be scoped by a Fast Lane Subject Matter Expert and team and a detailed Statement of Work (SOW) will be created for the type of engagement.